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Call it artificial or fake, grass or turf, landscaping or sports, Greenplanet has it covered with the latest generation of grass for all seasons.


Astro Green 16mm (13mm-18mm also available for different applications)- Perfect for golf putting, cricket practice, tennis, hockey, soccer without studs and most other ball games or entertainment areas indoors or outdoors. Certified FIH hockey grass also available on order.  

  • Astro Green
    Astro Green

Oasis 25mm-When budget is a consideration, you won't do better than this model which is economical and popular. Consideration has been given to its design, making it a good all-rounder in every respect.

  • Oasis Economy
    Oasis Economy

Shades of Autumn & Spring 30mm-These two popular choices differ only in colour (Spring leaning toward deeper shades of green and Autumn being, well, shades of Autumn) which ultimately comes down to personal choice. Whether your spot is sunny or shady, on a deck or in a garden, both of these interesting colours have been designed to blend into almost any environment. The natural, luxurious feel and appearance of this grass is welcoming to the touch and pleasing to the eye

  • Shades of Autumn
    Shades of Autumn
  • Shades of Spring
    Shades of Spring

Pet Heaven 30mm-In a class of its own, this grass has a special porous backing for easy drainage and its unique design facilitates easy cleaning. Other than that, its characteristics and colour are similar to other models.

  • Pet Heaven
    Pet Heaven

Summer Fun 35mm-This choice would be one up from our 30mm range in pile height only and for those who prefer the feel of this longer pile but want the same basic characteristics. The colour is a fresh combination of Spring and Autumn and ultimately again comes down to personal choice.

  • Summer Fun
    Summer Fun

Football Grass 40mm-60mm- New generation football grass is now considered the norm and can be supplied with or without FIFA certification.

  • Football